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And, as mentioned before, they are both owned by the same company now so I think we can expect great things in the future as the strengths of both software teams are combined.Acoimbra Andre Coimbra is a popular poker player from Portugal.

There is a strategy component to most episodes, and also a nice interview element.Unfortunately, the author is no longer updating to the dismay of her frequent visitors.Expect to learn a lot about how the tournament is run and how players are doing.Poker Player Poker Player is a blog where a poker player can stay up to date on the latest poker news, learn or brush up on some strategies, catch up with their favorite professional poker players, or read some miscellaneous poker topics like the history of online poker.The blog is very active, with sometimes more than 30 posts in a single day.My Philosophy Make the most of your study time with individualized, one-on-one coaching from one of poker’s most accomplished teachers. My philosophy is to help you.

According to Andrea, her husband has been focusing more on his antique business and family.Life With Face Cards A good resource, but no longer being updated.However, the blog is functional and informative, and presents results in a timely fashion and in intuitive ways.

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Friday • February 2 • 2018 → Mike Caro poker word is Price. → Beyond a winning strategy. Extra poker weapons and assignments. Tuesday • January 30 • 2018.

It is not a very personable blog, and there is not much insight into strategy and game play.01 Feb 2018 By peanut2018: Video Poker Strategy. Best Casinos for Video Poker (1 Viewing). Books and Resources.

Poker Grump Rakewell moved to Las Vegas with the intention of becoming a poker dealer but soon found he could get the bills paid playing poker himself.They also have the WSOP blog, Positively Nerd Street, Poker Joker and more.You can participate in their contests or follow their weekly tournaments.Players can also learn new plays and concepts through videos and quizzes provided by the site.He talks about his travels, games, poker, and random thoughts or events.How to Evaluate Sportsbook Bonus Deals + The Best Bonuses at Sportsbooks in January 2018. US Poker Sites; Poker Strategy. This book offer a lifetime 25%.They are not afraid to admit the mistakes they have made, which makes the blog very realistic and personal so that the reader will feel comfortable and adequate enough to learn from the writer.

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Roads to Tomorrow FlushhDraw is a full time Las Vegas poker player that started his blog on October 7, 2015, where he basically chronicles his and shares his gaming experience (mostly online games).


He continues to update his blog, so there are more strategies and game play for the foreseeable future.The blogs that Pokerlistings feature are created by a variety of poker players and enthusiasts like Jason Mercier and Matt Stout.And I am glad to hear that my table selection methods are helping.Of course there are other topics being cover, which means that any poker enthusiast can find something that suits their poker fancy on this site.Overall, Andre is clearly a poker expert and has a great writing voice.Posts are complemented with photos, play-by-play storytelling, and solid reporting.

He blogs about various tournaments he has played in, poker styles, playing tips, game analysis and more.The blog offers poker hand reviews with video, so poker players can learn how to play certain hands.

As far as strategy, you will find blog posts on how to increase your winnings, which hands you should play, poker psychology and more.He does not have a lot of game play or strategy in his blogs.

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The tone of the blog is very informal and friendly, which is great coming from a blogger.Furthermore the HUD itself is highly customizable and easy to set up on all of the major poker sites.I think you have hit the golden balance between volume of info, frequency of messages and depth of ccontent.

This is nice since it helps the reader put themselves into his shoes.He does detailed hand analysis, the poker industry in different states, his winnings and losses, tournaments, and of course random thoughts and more.But if it has all of the options that you want and is updated promptly when poker sites change their software, then it sounds like a good alternative (and cheaper).