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Their stats will reflect a much higher WSD because they lay more traps and are usually going to have a strong hand when they go to showdown.A good example of this occurs in six-max No Limit cash games.We will also be having some 4Bet articles that show in many spots vs many players it is profitable to 4Bet with almost any hand you raised with initially.Here’s the definite showdown between PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager,. First click on “View Stats” from the main page, then on “Leak Tracker”.Too low and you are likely playing too many hands preflop and playing too passively postflop.

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Kind of a no-brainer here, the more you win at showdown the higher your winrate.

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These players will often have WSD numbers as high as 55% and may have a similar win rate to players who had a WSD around 50%.

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Strategy and hand discussions for all levels of Hold’Em cash games.Of those 160 times they were able to see a flop, they may have only gone to showdown 35% of the time for a total of 56 showdowns.We have also made some assumptions about acceptable ranges for several of the filters based on research, opinions and samples from winning 6 max players at 50NL and up.

With smaller sample sizes, for example less than 20K hands, you will find the results of many of these filters to be misleading due to variance.Information on a free heads-up display for players on the Merge Gaming Network flagship. Holdem Manager Review;. into the pot), thrse bet percentages, WTSD%.Acest articol are rolul unui "dictionar" pentru aplicatia voastra de handtracking de zi cu zi, indiferent ca aceasta este Holdem Manager sau PokerTracker, etc.

Statistical Analysis of Texas Holdem Poker. Page 2. called Poker Manager. WTSD%- Went to Show Down.The other way to beat six-max No Limit cash games is to pick off the overly aggressive players and win big pots while being willing to surrender the smaller pots.A few unlucky hands will drive that number down quickly as well.If they are able to fold a hand that is beaten before they get to showdown, then they will typically win showdowns more than weaker players who have trouble folding.These very aggressive players, especially if their bets tend to be large, will often have a WSD that is near 50%, and some very aggressive winning players will even be below that.In Texas Hold’em you have two private cards that are your own. or Holdem Manager and otherwise take a look at PokerTableRatings. WTSD (1000 hands) Went to.

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These players are usually going to be a little tighter pre-flop and win more pots at the showdown.

How, Why and When to Double Barrel in No-Limit Hold’em;. The W$SD stat can show you if you are bluffing too much or too little throughout a hand.The stat windows will not go away automatically when you close the table. [[image:http://fpdb.sourceforge.net/img/docs.HudHowTo4.png]] 4. Adjust the positions of the stat windows. By default, the stat windows are created without decorations (title bar, border, etc.). Double clicking on a stat will add the decorations to that stat window.

Az elmúlt pár nap tapasztalata a Hold Em manager programmal. Nagyon sokat tanultam és már megtanultam egy pár beállítást is és a legtöbb oldalon sikerült a.After 8 months of development and almost 2 months in private beta, Holdem Manager is just about ready for widespread public use. I'm also the author of Tourney Manager, a bunch of free tools donated to 2+2 (most notably the ROI simulator and the Preflop 3/4 Bet Equity Calculator) and have been active on these forums for a couple of years.More evidence that aggressive play postflop is key although unlike preflop aggression, postflop being too over-aggressive seems to have a bit of an impact on winrate.How to Interpret Your Opponent’s Poker Stats. programs like Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager will. you have to examine WTSD and his aggression stat to get.Это довольно аналогичные Stat,. WTSD – пришлась на вскрытии. Когда игроки увидели флоп,.

You definitely want this to be above 1.25% and probably higher.A comprehensive guide on how to improve your non-showdown winnings at the. of your non-showdown winnings in Pokertracker or Hold'em Manager. (high WTSD%). This.

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WSD can be a very useful stat, and for cash game players who have very large samples on some of their opponents it can really increase win rate, but be careful with it, as it can easily mislead.

The won when saw flop stat is more of a product of good solid, select, aggressive preflop and postflop play.By the time you pick up a big hand you ideally would have 3bet your opponents a few times and at that point you are more likely to get it all-in preflop.Generally profitable ways to increase your PFR% would be raising limpers instead of calling, 3betting raisers especially when they raise from late position and stealing more blinds.As mentioned at the top, the stats used in the ranges were from data mined NL 6 Max from NL100 to NL1000.Holdem Manager HUD allows different colors on poker. and the optimal ranges of the stats. Open Holdem Manager 2,. the first two streets and his WtSD% is.