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John McCain Was Caught Playing Poker on His iPhone During the Syria. strike on Syria? You could play poker. of McCain while he was playing the.A Washington Post photographer caught Sen. John McCain playing poker on his smartphone as Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and.The White House pushed forward for Congressional approval of an attack on Syria as President Obama got. President Gains McCain’s Backing On Syria.U.S. Senator John McCain was playing poker during a portion of a senate hearing on Syria on September 3. His actions were spotted by Melina Mara, a Washington Post.Sign up now to start receiving breaking news alerts on your desktop.On his second day back at "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart skewered Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for playing poker on his iPhone during a Senate Foreign.

Senator John McCain was busted playing free-money iPhone poker during a recent Senate hearing on possible Syrian airtsrikes.PICTURE of McCain playing poker during Syria hearing is up — E McMorris-Santoro (@EvanMcSan) September 3, 2013.Senator John McCain plays poker on his. McCain tweeted about his poker game: Scandal! Caught playing. John Mc Cain John Mccain Poker Syria.John McCain got caught playing an iPhone app Mashable has identified as VIP Poker during a Senate hearing on whether the United States should bomb Syria.

Sen. John McCain said he grew bored during Tuesday's Senate hearing so he passed some time by playing poker on his phone. More from CNN at Plays Poker on iPhone During Syria Hearing McCain wrote that he'd been caught playing on his phone during a hearing that, he quickly pointed out, exceeded.In a story that's only surprising because the politician involved was dumb enough to forget there's camera's everywhere, McCain got rumbled playing poker while the.Senator John McCain was caught playing poker on his iPhone during a congressional hearing on Syria today. John McCain plays poker during Syria hearing.But the New York delegation is not marching in lockstep with the President.

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Pictured: John McCain caught playing POKER on his iPhone during crucial Senate hearing on whether to take military action in Syria. He makes light of the situation by joking he 'lost thousands of dollars' He was spotted playing the game by newspaper photographer; By David Martosko.

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Poker-faced John McCain caught playing on smartphone during Senate's Syria hearing John McCain's poker face as he sat with colleagues listening to the case.

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Obama says Assad is responsible for killing 1,400 people, including more than 400 children, in the deadliest chemical weapons attack in the world in 25 years.Watch McCain caught playing poker during Syria hearing Video Online, on

The Arizona Republican, who has pushed hard for the United States to take military action, appeared more interested in making straights than listening to Secretary of State Kerry make the case for punishing Syrian despot Bashar Assad.

McCain caught playing iPhone poker during Syria hearing. See more MSN News videos here: McCain. United States Senator. 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee. American Hero. iPhone Poker Player during a fairly important Senate hearing about the use of.McCain plays poker as Kerry argues for strike. Relations Committee would back a military strike on Syria, Sen. John McCain was playing poker on his.Attention as Performance, or, Here's a Photo of John McCain Playing Poker During the Senate's Syria Hearing. Through our screens, our attention is public in a way it.

Senator John McCain was caught playing virtual poker during a hearing about potential US involvement in the Syrian civil war.Following the hearing, Corker and Menendez hammered out a draft resolution that would authorize Obama to use military force against the Assad regime but with strict caveats.Senator John McCain Kicks Back With iPhone Poker Game During Syrian Intervention Hearing. the game McCain was playing was VIP Poker by developer Tinyco.A Washington Post photographer caught Sen. John McCain playing poker on his smartphone as Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Ha.John McCain said the worst part of him playing poker during a Congress meeting about Syria was that He Lost.(CNN) - Sen. John McCain, perhaps the Senate's most outspoken voice in favor of military action in Syria, was caught playing poker Tuesday at the first.