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Here is a YouTube video playlist of all of our past songs of the week, with the most recent song first.

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CUBA SALSA DANCE TRIP. Instruction in Salsa/Casino, Rueda de Casino, Son, Cha Cha Cha,. this year for the fifth time to Santiago de Cuba,.in sandunga dance school( santiago de cuba) we offer classes of: salsa, son,rumba, afro cubano, rueda de casino, style,cha cha cha, mambo, mozambique,percussio´s.

Media. VIDEOS. Rueda Con Ritmo SF. International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day 2017. Me Voy - Carnaval SF 2016 - Rueda Con Ritmo ft. All Stars (Santiago de Cuba).Nos videos de musique et danse cubaines. Certaines filmees a l'occasion des voyages que nous organisons a Cuba en juillet chaque annee.Rueda de casino en Cuba Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Download Millions Of Videos Online. The latest.

These are some of the topics we cover in our Monday Rueda and Rhythm Classes in Oakland.Music and Dance of Cuba Salsa, Timba, Casino, Rueda! by JitterFeet. Salsa, Rueda de casino "Casa de la Trova" Santiago de Cuba.Feb.2011. JitterFeet. Subscribe 1.Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba: The only festival in the world including Cuban dance partners;. Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, Rumba, Afro Cubano, Rumba,.A song may have other sections as well, such as an introduction before the cuerpo, a bridge between the cuerpo and montuno, and a coda following the montuno, but the essence of timba is in the cuerpo and the montuno.

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The Montuno Section: Coros, Mambos, Bloques, and Gears This section is higher energetically than the cuerpo.Performers From; Yanek and Yisel: Santiago de Cuba: Yeni and Roly: Cuba/Italy: Hot Timba: Portland, OR: Rumbanana: Corvallis, OR: Rueda Vale Todo:. Casino Real.

In the 3:2 direction, the single closed tone lands on count 6, with the fourth stroke of 3:2 son clave.This is just one example of how the rhythms in salsa and timba align with the clave.

Drawing shows Spanish and American military officers in a plaza in Santiago, Cuba. Cuba--Santiago de Cuba. the Library of Congress, contemporary Cuban Salsa direct from Havana y Santiago de Cuba. 7-8pm: Beg/Int Salsa and Rueda de Casino 8-9pm: Int/Adv Rueda de Casino $13/1 class,.In the 2:3 direction the single closed tone lands on count 2, right with the first stroke of 2:3 son clave.Play, streaming, watch and download Rueda de casino Santiago de Cuba video (05:31), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. ″Grupo de Danza All Stars″ Mooie.. la 1ere danseuse * 1ère professeur * des ballets folkloriques ORIENTE de Santiago de Cuba,. de collaboration entre Cuba et. RUEDA de casino.

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For specifics about how this musical knowledge affects the dance, please see below."Grupo de Danza All Stars" Mooie Rueda tijdens onze dans en cultuurreis in Cuba 30-03-2010 I always forget to tell you that it was 40 degrees at that time.After listening and dancing attentively, you will come to realize that dancing to a song in 2:3 clave feels very different than dancing to a song in 3:2 clave, and will affect the timing of our movement as dancers.

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Song Structure In addition to being aware of specific patterns, it is also important for dancers to know about the broader form of the music.Looking for some Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino in Kent,. in Santiago de Cuba have weekly one hour Afro Cuban Workshops every Tuesday at the Heritage Inn,301.Diana Rodriguez Garcia nació en la ciudad de Santiago de Cuba. así como en otras competiciones de Rueda de Casino y parejas.Compare prices and book Santiago De Cuba Vacations with our unique pricing grid. Read customer reviews on Santiago De Cuba resorts and speak with Agents Who've Been.Casino Rueda Moves Kendra Lucas;. dame dos con Cuba (rueda de casino figure). Rueda de casino "Casa de la Trova" Santiago de Cuba.Feb.2011.

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SALSA --> Rueda de casino: Jovenes de Santiago de Cuba c. Pubblicato da Gi.Descriptif voyage à santiago de cuba, stage de danse salsa cubaine. primé meilleur couple et en rueda de casino au concours national télévisé "a bailar casino".

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History of Rueda de Casino Rueda de Casino is a style of salsa dancing that was created in Cuba many years ago. It is a dance for two or more couples, with one leader.Besides making listening and dancing more fun, having a strong knowledge of rhythm and form also will also have a real impact on how you dance, and will truly connect you to the music, which is ultimately what this dance is all about.The conga and drums play very aggressive patterns and the bass plays loud slides.A timba song consists of two main parts: the cuerpo and the montuno.

Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba:. Big Rueda de Casino in Parque Cespedes in center of Santiago de Cuba Official Certificate Do you want more than 1 week?.Portrait Yahima und Didio Yahima Ferrera Vaillant, born in Santiago de Cuba, is a graduated dancer and teacher. and the Rueda de Casino with Yanek Revilla.Sandunga Dance School In Santiago de Cuba (The best fun) Classes of Salsa, Son, Rumba, Bailes Afrocubanos, Rueda de Casino, Classes of percussion.We emphasize musicality in our classes, choreographies, and social dancing.